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Please kindly read the following terms and conditions before you request a tutor. You have to follow and accept these terms and conditions before you proceed. 在请求导师之前,请仔细阅读以下条款和条件。 在继续操作之前,您必须遵守并接受这些条款和条件。

Parents have to trust us by providing the requirements on tutors. Hence, we can make our best decision to match suitable tutor for you.

  • Commission 佣金
    HOME TUITION SO EZI will collect upfront 50% of the 1st month tuition fees as a commission from our tutor only. The subsequent months 100% of the tuition fees is paid to the tutor.

    HOME TUITION SO EZI 会向导师收第一个月学费的50%,作为佣金。下个月100%的学费将支付给导师。

    eg: TUITION FEE IS RM800. 例如:学费是800令吉。
           50% which is RM400 will be bank in to our agency account as commission for hiring our tutors
           another 50% which is RM400 will be hand in to our tutor. 其中50%是RM400,将作为我们I的佣金。另外50%是RM400,将交给我们的导师。


  • Collection of the tuition fee will be by End of the month after complete the classes.


  • If the amount of tuition classes conducted is less than the actual one. Parents can request our tutor to replace the classes.
    So that it won't affect the the amount of tuition fees collected and the tutor can finish the teaching syllabus as expected. 


  • Cancellation of the tuition class between you and the tutors before commencing date, we will not charge any commission.


  • We are Not responsible for any discount on the tuition fee or agreement between you and the tutor.


  • HOME TUITION SO EZI will not be liable for any conflict or disagreement between the tutors and students/ parents. 
    HOME TUITION SO EZi 将不承担导师和学生/家长之间的任何冲突或不和。

Q&A Sessions 问答部分

Q1. Who are our tutors? 谁是我们的导师?
A: Our tutors are at least with two years teaching experience in conducting home tuition, teaching in school or tuition centre. They are current school teachers/ ex-teachers,  experienced educators, professional, lecturers, retired teachers, scholarship holders and more.

答:我们的导师至少有两年的教学经验在家庭教学,在学校或补习中心教学。他们是在职/前任的学校教师,经验丰富的教育工作者,专业人士,讲师,退休教师,奖学金获得者 等。

Q2: How much is the tuition fees? 学费是多少?
A: Our tuition fees begin from RM30/hour. Please call/Whatsapp to our tuition consultant, Queenie at 012-629 7942 for more details.

答:我们的学费是从每小时30令吉开始。欲知更多详情,请拨电/ Whatsapp给我们的补习顾问,Queenie 012-6297942。


Q3. Can a home tutor help to improve the exam result of my child since he or she is not a school teacher? 由于他或她不是学校的老师,他或她可以帮助提高我孩子的考试成绩吗?
A : Definitely yes. Our tutors are very knowledgable, easy to communicate and can deal with all kinds of children with different character and education level by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. Tutors are diligent to do research both online and offline to keep themselves update on the latest school syllabus. They can easily get the latest update of our national syllabus or international syllabus and also the marking scheme for exam ( UPSR, PT3, SPM and more). Moreover, they will go to the bookshop frequently to look for the latest reference book, revision book, exercise book to ensure that they are always aware of the changes in the latest syllabus or the format of exam.

Q4: Do I need to send my child to tutor's house?  我需要载我的孩子到导师的家吗?
A: No, for home tuition our tutor will go to your house to teach. 

Q5: Who and how should I pay the tuition fees? 我应支付学费和支付给谁?
A: You may pay the tuition fees to the tutor directly during or after the tuition class. You may choose to pay on every class or end of the month.

Q6: What if I am not satisfied with the tutor such as teaching method/attitude/performance? 如果我不满意的教学方式/态度/表现呢?
A: You may inform our tuition consultant, Queenie at 012-629 7942. We will communicate with the tutor or get you a new tutor.
答:您可以通知我们的补习顾问,Queenie 012-629 7942。我们将与导师沟通,或帮您找过新的一位导师。

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