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Tuition Rate 补习费

Tuition rate begin from RM30/hour as a guide as the charges vary for the same level due to: 
学费从每小时 30 令吉起作为指导,因为同一级别的费用将会根据以下原因而有所不同:

  • Tutor’s year of experience & qualification. 导师的经验和资历。

  • Tutor’s travel distance from their place to your house for home tuition. 家教和你家的距离。

  • The number of subjects and students to be taught. 所教的科目和学生人数。

Our Tutors 我们的导师

We have more than 13101 registered tutors who are experienced & professional in teaching for all the subjects & syllabus. Either KSSR/ PT3/ SPM / UEC/ IGCSE and etc.  listed in the Ministry of Education (Malaysia).  You can tell us your requirements and we will best match the tutor for you. 我们拥有超过 1800 名注册导师,他们在所有科目和课程大纲的教学方面经验丰富且专业。KSSR/ PT3/ SPM / UEC/ IGCSE 等在教育部(马来西亚)中列出的科系。我们的导师是专门帮助学生完成家庭作业、作业、考试和未来生活。您可以告诉我们您的要求,我们将为您找到最适合的家教。