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​Home Tuition So-Ezi is a legal home tuition agency in Malaysia registered under SSM since 2012 002153739-K by providing Online & home tuition matching service for parents and tutors. 
Home Tuition So-Ezi 在马来西亚是一个合法的家庭补习介绍所,为家长和导师提供在线和家庭学费配对服务。

Why us? We will provide you an EASY way to match suitable tutor for you. 为什么是我们?我们将为您提供一种简单的方式来帮您找到最适合的家教。

E – Easy and effective tuition solution is provided. 提供简单又有效的补习服务。

A – A better grade for your child.  为您的孩子提供一个更好的成绩。     

S – Suitable tutors for you. 适合的导师给家长。

Y – Why not? 为什么不?

Guaranteed satisfaction, No service fee
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